Sunday, September 16, 2012

ES - 2012

Sadly these are all cell phone shots.  Lisa and I both forgot the camera...
Dinner at the Rockin' Pig saloon Tuesday evening

Apparently, a new  Victory comes complete with a pit crew

Lucky Mitch, he earned a new nickname and his VROC friends made sure his bike stayed fresh and freezer burn free...

And in true VROCer style, he told everyone they're number 1 and gave a little "celestial salute"

Here's a few from around the motel in no particular order

Someone bring this woman another hat! It's cold out

My lovely bride

A few people spent Saturday evening wrapping a goodbye present  

That's about all the shots worth posting; except one...
Several groups took the Crescent hotel ghost tour.  while I didn't hear any reports of voices or any bumps in the night  from anyone, I did get this shot. It was taken facing a window in the morgue with no flash. the autopsy table would have been directly behind me when the hospital was operating.  What do you see?